This Website was created by Peter Sagos for three purposes. First is in explaining to the world what happen in Bermuda in 2009/2010, Second is for the precise timeline of events when the multiple kidnappings and murder of Innocent Canadian tourists and Third is for Peter Sagos to Find Justice and Peace in this mad world of “Free Crime”. The Canadian authorities are importing crimes from overseas, even if they are real or not…Canada has no standards as they are using Hearsay and Speculation as fact in a court of law…. You will find in the partial disclosure that Peter Sagos has on this site to be quite disturbing. You will read and see almost 75% of the Manufactured Evidence Created by the Bermuda Police Service with the help from their Lawyers, Judges, Newspapers and Prison Staff. “This clearly proves Bermuda is a felonious and lawless gangster state” and Canada is a vassal state for bermuda or any other host country. This becomes hugely problematic not just in my case, but in any case where an individual is in a sovereign nation and the rule of law in that nation is not being followed.

Welcome to the Bermuda Police Service Operation Havana.





Release Date of this site: November 03, 2015


Audio of May 7, 2015 at 6:43pm.

Encounter with the Ottawa police service. Here is the nexus that I needed to prove that the Canadian policing agencies are acting for foreign nations on Canadian soil.

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June 22, 2018 – Chief Justice of Canada Richard Wagner.

The Chief Justice of Canada makes a statement and takes questions from the Canadian media.

Who is he referring to? Basic fundamental values, moral values, Rule of law, attack on institutions, foreign countries and leaders, respect to institutions, fake democracies. People outside of the country looking to Canada for direction.

Gee I can only think of one country in my experience, I could say this could be bermuda, but again this is only my opinion and I can share this with you because in Canada we have freedom of expression and free speech. These are basic fundamentals of our democracy and protects us from overreaching governments and policing agencies.

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June 18, 2019 Cross Examination of RCMP liaison officer to bermuda from 2014 to 2018.

I had a lawyer ask this fella – Did cindy clarke ever provide you or did you ever see the bermuda trial transcripts of what had happened to Sagos?
His answer was NO
Lawyer Q – So how did you confirm that Sagos ever had an issue in bermuda?
rcmp fella – Well, I mean detective mark clarke told me that he been arrested and spent time in jail.
Lawyer Q – Okay, so it was strictly conversational?
rcmp fella – yes.

Garbage in – Garbage out!

No transcripts from court were ever produced by bermuda. Fake news, hearsay and speculation are the norm here in Canada. This further confirms that Canada does not protect their citizens and actually works against them.

The Ontario crowns office are pushing FRAUD! Further continuing these human rights violations and oh the coverup, straight up judicial corruption. Canada does not follow the rule of law. The Canadian police agencies never went to bermuda to authenticate anything and bermuda refuses to hand anything over dealing with the court transcripts, evidence from the case. I have the disclosure and that proves multiple kidnappings and a murder cover-up.

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Cross Examination of RCMP – Topic Emails. June 18, 2019

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Cross Examination of RCMP – Topic Diplomatic Channels for Communication. June 18, 2019

Proper communication channels for foreign governments and policing agencies. Only through the RCMP.
If not… not legal and un-vetted! HEARSAY.

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Who are the Ottawa Police Service taking direction from? My question to this Ottawa Police Service Officer. He refused to answer….. Click here for the audio recording of this conversation and more…


Recorded on October 3, 2018 at 11:13am

Justice canada and I had a trial on March 1, 2, 3 of 2021. They withdrew the charges. This is just one audio recording of three that day.

David, they did not teach you when you were growing up, that listening to liars and thieves, makes you into one too.

Here is a link for further insight into this violation of my charter of rights and further dilution of the canadian justice system.

David Mcculloch of the OPS is a liar


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