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Llewellyn Peniston was the Late Mr. Egide Plourde Laywer. This guy is a real piece of work. He was a no show during two separate court appearances for Mr.Plourde, after the fact he was found innocent by Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo, Peniston never placed a no case submission after the Long Form Procedure, he left Plourde in Prison as a free man, as did Shade Subair with me. Jeannie Harden was on the same boat with the same evidence against her, which was against Mr. Plourde, nothing! Harden’s Lawyer (Peter Farge) was the only lawyer that did their proper duty that day and placed a no case submission, due to lack of evidence and the Bermudians let Harden go after a few days…

Mr. Plourde’s health was getting worst. I warned the Canadian Consulate that he was weak and looking weaker every time I saw him, I observed this during the transports every week for our mentions in court. Bermuda Police Service knew that Mr. Plourde was a sick man, he mentioned that in his police interrogation. Llewellyn Peniston also knew that Mr. Plourde was dying… I yelled once at the prison guards after our last transport together, I called them savages and murders, that did not go well for me after that… This is what is called Lawyer interference. Again the Bermuda Police Service are the ones to blame for this! I solely place the blame that Mr. Plourde death was by the Bermuda Police Service, by way of depriving medical attention from a sick and dying man!! The Bermuda Police Service kidnapped him and neglected him, left him to die in jail. This man was/is an Innocent Person Here.

Mr. Egide Plourde was a Canadian, a Husband and above all else a Very Brave and Proud Man!

Mr. Plourde left Bermuda and was in international waters when Bermuda’s coastguard illegally commandeered his chartered boat and brought him back to Bermuda. Bermuda detained an older aged Canadian (69 years old) without cause and he died, but not in their custody, but he returned very close to death and by any measure Bermuda is responsible in effect for his death!

What is Canada’s position or comments on this?


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Bermuda Lawyer Llewellyn Peniston Admitting they knew Egide Plourde had Cancer and was dying. 1 MB

6 Pages

Link to article. Go to the fourth page.Title: Canadian cleared in drug case dies.

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The Late Mr.Egide Plourde Manufactured Statement from the Bermudian Police Service 2 MB

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Llewellyn Peniston and Ryan Leera wrote this “statement” out and forced Mr. Plourde to sign it. This is Fabricated Evidence from Bermuda.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://petersagos.com/wp-content/uploads/securepdfs/2016/06/Egide-Plourde-Manufactured-Statement-from-the-Bermudian-Police-Department.pdf”]


Legal argument on why the written statement plus this video statement can not be used in court. I never knew this argument existed until I received my disclosure on May 11, 2015. By the way this was the only statement against me and it was created by the lawyer and the police in Bermuda and forced a dying man to sign it, again everything illegal. Bermuda is a dangerous place, filled with savages in all of the highest levels in their government and legal systems. They do not practice any forms of law, it’s make believe in that land.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://petersagos.com/wp-content/uploads/securepdfs/2018/02/Preliminary-Inquiry-March-1-2010-including-Judges-ruling.pdf” title=”Preliminary Inquiry March 1, 2010 including Judges ruling”]


Bermuda Lawyer Llewellyn Peniston banned from Practicing Law 2 MB

7 Pages

I left the comments section on the last article because of the first and last comments submitted.

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