Bermuda Police Manufactured Evidence

This Page is for the kidnapping, murderers in Bermuda to hang their heads down low. Bermuda Police Authority and their Legal System are a bunch of unethical, unscrupulous, corrupt cowards!

“In the last 6 years bermuda had shooting/murder cases in which 80% or more of the defendants insist evidence has been fabricated.”
Quoted in 2016 – Unnamed bermudian source.


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The Late Mr.Egide Plourde Manufactured Statement from the Bermudian Police Service 2 MB

5 Pages

Llewellyn Peniston and Ryan Leera wrote this “statement” out and forced Mr. Plourde to sign it. This is Fabricated Evidence from Bermuda.

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The Late Mr.Egide Plourde Video Statement Transcript on the day of his Release

from Bermuda Police Service 5 MB

17 Pages

This is by far the most disturbing piece of evidence of police interference! To the point of forcing the witness to answer the police in a scripted manner, it didn’t work. This witness statement is in support of the written manufactured police statement above. Mr. Plourde had to go on video to answer the police questions and to talk in more detail about the written statement made in prison 12 hours earlier. Mr. Plourde was in maximum security, locked down for 22.5 hours a day. This man should of been in a hospital receiving medical treatment and with love ones. Mr. Plourde expired of cancer (emphysema) only a few days after this witness statement. When I last saw him, that same morning of this “video witness statement” he was only skin and bones… I have been trying to get this video statement from the Bermuda authorities, but again the idiots are not answering back to any of my requests… Here is the link to the re-enactment of this video. I have seen it…


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The Manufactured Evidence of Peter Sagos Satellite Phone from the Bermuda Police Service 1.61 MB

5 Pages

My Question to Elizabeth Christopher was… Are these guys for real? Can we have my Sat phone back so we can examine it for the real information? What was the time and date of this “Phone Call” entry #4. All telephones everywhere since the dawn of time hold this information, especially Sat Phones. You still pay by the minute with those phones and it was in emergency mode. Oh one more thing, this phone went missing for two months and then shows up after the death of Egide Plourde. ABSOLUTE MADNESS!!!!

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Conclusion of Mass Spec Analytical on Duct Tape and Plastic Rap 325 KB

2 Pages

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Bermuda’s Official Explanation of the Case they Manufactured against Peter Sagos 645 KB

1 Page

More lies from Bermuda. I can prove with their own paperwork (this disclosure) that this is a lie.

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Elizabeth Christopher Bermuda Lawyer Submission on Preliminary Inquiry about the Manufactured Statement made by the Late “Mr. Plourde” 1 MB

9 Pages

The only legal service that this lawyer did for me. This statement was created 77 days after my illegal arrest! No evidence in this case, just multiple kidnappings and a murder!

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Rory field and bermuda’s brightest try to say that there was too much THC and cocaine residue on my money that they stole from me. This article from CNN was published in August of 2009. Two months before my illegal arrest. It outlines that these illegal particles are all over our money. I brought my money to bermuda from north america, also this is not Miami in the late 80′ early 90’s.

Link to article.

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June 18, 2019 Cross Examination of RCMP liaison officer to bermuda from 2014 to 2018.

I had a lawyer ask this fella – Did cindy clarke ever provide you or did you ever see the bermuda trial transcripts of what had happened to Sagos?
His answer was NO
Lawyer Q – So how did you confirm that Sagos ever had an issue in bermuda?
rcmp fella – Well, I mean detective mark clarke told me that he been arrested and spent time in jail.
Lawyer Q – Okay, so it was strictly conversational?
rcmp fella – yes.

Garbage in – Garbage out!

No transcripts from court were ever produced by bermuda. Fake news, hearsay and speculation are the norm here in Canada. This further confirms that Canada does not protect their citizens and actually works against them.

The Ontario crowns office are pushing FRAUD! Further continuing these human rights violations and oh the coverup, straight up judicial corruption. Canada does not follow the rule of law.

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