Shade Subair Williams

When I fired Shade Subair Williams, she became the Human Rights Commissionaire of the Fucking Country, the very next day. LOL…..Like I mentioned before No Options. I was reaching out to the Human Rights people on Bermuda for some assistance. No… Not going to happen.

Shade Subair Williams Bermuda Lawyer wouldn’t communicate with me, Shade Subair Williams would not take any direction from me, she did not allow for me to view anything from what she had as disclosure. It took 77 days before I was able to review anything from this Manufactured Case against me. She also kept my physical description that the Crown Witness made. In this description this person puts me at 5 foot 3 inches tall. I stand 5’10!!! It goes on from there, how she purposely held me in prison while the Bermuda Police Service was trying to think of a way to manufacture evidence against me. How Shade Subair was colluding with the crown and obviously being a spy, just like how Elizabeth Christopher was at the end of all this. Elizabeth Christopher Bermuda Lawyer was my last lawyer on that Island for this “Conspiracy case”. I was kidnapped…


Update March 24, 2016

Shade Subair Williams: new Supreme Court registrar.

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She is going to be the head of this department, she is going to cook the books (archives) in the supreme court. I had asked for my court transcripts and two videos from the Supreme Court Registrar back in November 2015 they have not responded, I guess this is their answer. I also questioned how many other cases were fake and full of manufactured evidence, how many cases need to be redone or just thrown out… Stop George Furgesson, Stop Larry Mussenden, Stop Shade Subair Williams!


Someone please request to see all court transcripts in all high profile cases in Bermuda dating back when Rory Field started his term there as Head of the DDP, before it’s too late. You will see all the fraud and manufactured evidence that made up these cases. Lawless state, no ethics, no standards!


Update October 30, 2016

Supreme Court Registry Office is Closed, until further notice.

I’m sure there would be issues with mold, but to close down 70% of your daily business…. The only thing toxic and not in the public interest is Shade Subair and Larry Mussenden. The Archives PEOPLE…

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Shade Subair Williams before she turned on her client, Peter Sagos 472 KB

2 Pages

Shade Subair Williams did only one thing for me and it was this letter. This Letter Speaks about this crazy court apprentice I was witnessed to and the centre of….The Bermuda Police Service (Ryan Lerra) interfered with the proceedings of court that day and pushed his lies thru court with no evidence presented. Judge Wolfe was presiding and gave the idiots from the BPS, to do what they pleased. During that session I had the biggest police officers shadowing me, it was very weird and unusual in any jurisdiction. Corruption is what Bermuda is all about!!

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Formal Complaint Against Shade Subair Williams to the Bermuda Bar Association 924 KB

2 Pages

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Shade Subair Williams Response to Peter Sagos Complaint to Bar Association 2 MB

8 Pages

In her response she outlines some emails that I allegedly sent her, also during this time I had Jevon Williams another Bermuda Lawyer show up and threatens me. Jevon Williams Bermuda Lawyer made the mistake of creating a new email address while signed into his Microsoft account. Well I had Microsoft shut down his new email account that was used to threaten me.

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Jevon Williams Bermuda Lawyer Threatening Email to Peter Sagos 151 KB

1 Page

This is a lawyer that is currently practicing Law in Bermuda. This guy threatens me, this is how Lawyers act in Bermuda… Can you say Unprofessional and disturbing!

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Bermuda Bar Association Professional Conduct Committee Response for Complaint 748 KB

2 Pages

You will read the response from Shade Subair Williams… I was a free man and she directed me and the court (judge should of released me at that moment!) to wait for a hybrid procedure, “simple look at the witness statements” all they could need is a statement… This shows the intent of Bermuda in this case. This is where the murder of Mr. Egide Plourde is proven and again my kidnapping in this case! This statement was hand delivered by Shade Subair to me, I just arrived in a packed courtroom on the morning of December 22, 2009 and when I sat down, that’s when Subair walks up to me and hands me this statement. Mr. Egide Plourde statement that was created 12 hours before at the prison at westgate and now this was the only thing against me in this fake case, this was on the 77th day of this bullshit. They killed Mr. Egide Plourde to frame me. Bermuda is beyond criminal! This is one of the many reasons why I had no choice but to plea to another fake charge so I could be released by my captures. My case proves multiple kidnappings and a murder. This all happen before that half wit (edelson) “came on the team” to assist…. I had no representation and when I did, it didn’t mattered.

FYI, I was charged with 2 X money laundering and 2 X proceeds of crime (double jeopardy) after 118 days in prison. No evidence was ever handed into the courts for those charges. I was originally charged with one count of conspiracy. No evidence was ever handed into the courts for this charge. Bermuda is govern by idiots, kidnappers, lairs, con-artists and murderers.

Bermuda is a felonious and gangster state! Here is the evidence proving this.

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Release due to Privacy Commissioners (ATIP) request process. September 25, 2017

This is the day of December 23, 2009. The day after my court appearance when subair hands over a manufactured statement created by the Bermuda police service.

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Bermuda Court Appearance Form – From October 9, 2009 to December 22, 2009. This was during the time shade subair was my “lawyer”.
I Fired subair on December 23, 2009!

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